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'Bring Your Own Device' initiative moves forward in schools

By Mary Ann Ferguson-Rich Published: December 17, 2012

HUDSON: It will be BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for Hudson High School students starting on Jan. 22.

Doreen Osmun, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, reported Monday night to the Board of Education on the progress of the BYOD initiative, which has a goal of of providing "21st Century instruction necessary for 21st Century learning."

Osmun said the initiative is a board goal, and arose from an innovation think tank.

High school students will be able to bring privately owned electronic devices such as laptops, netbooks, and cell phones to school, and incorporate them in their instructional program.

Middle school students will have a similar opportunity by March. The program is still being developed for K-5.

Students who are unwilling, or unable to bring in a privately owned device, will be able to check out such items, "like a book from the library," says Osmun.

The goal is to provide, personalized academic experiences and to prepare students for the working world of the future.

No gaming devices are permitted, says Osmun.

Board member James Field asked if there were plans to use the devices in lieu of textbooks.

Osmun said that Spanish courses are already fully electronic, and that a number of other courses at the high school are being looked at for a similar format.

Parents will need to grant permission for students to participate in the BYOD initiative, Osmun says, and students will be instructed in responsible usage.