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City council sets full agenda for workshop Tuesday

By M.A. Ferguson-Rich/ correspondent Published: November 26, 2012
hudson city council
Hudson City Council. Council has set a full agenda for its workshop on Tuesday. (M.A. Ferguson-Rich/

Council has set a full agenda for its post-holiday workshop at 7:30 p.m on Tuesday at the Town Hall.

Tree-planting grant application

There is a motion to direct the clerk to prepare a letter to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources indicating council's support of a tree-planting grant application.

The grant is sought for the city service yard at 95 Owen Brown St. It would be part of a project to remove the construction spoils and create a landscape berm along the northern edge of the property.

The new trees would help to screen city operations from adjacent residential properties.

Storm water update

Council will also receive a storm water update presentation, which will cover the Mud Brook, Brandywine Creek and Tinker's Creek watersheds. 

Audit report

A discussion will be held on the 2011 audit report.  The city has received an unqualified (clean) audit.

There were no material weaknesses or non-compliance areas found.

Hunting considered at YDC

Council President David Basil says that he has received several inquiries about hunting at the former Youth Development Center property.

Council will review several memorandums from city personnel, none of which favor allowing the hunting, due to safety considerations.

Future use and demolition of former YDC property

At the request of William Wooldredge, a council member, time has been allotted at the workshop for a discussion of the future use, and upcoming demolition, of buildings on the YDC property.