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Hudson council creates committee for development of property near First and Main

By M.A. Ferguson-Rich correspondent

HUDSON: Council President David Basil obtained unanimous approval for the creation of a new ad hoc committee at last week’s meeting.

The new Downtown Redevelopment and Improvement Phase II Ad Hoc Committee will study and provide recommendations for potential uses and strategies, for the development and use of 15 parcels of land in the area adjacent to First and Main.

The goal for the committee is to "create a strategy for the development of the adjacent area that will enhance the vibrancy of downtown, and maintain the character and vitality of Hudson's historic downtown core."

Community members appointed to the committee were: Ryan Beam, Pat Eldredge, Julie Linder, Tom Murdough, Liz Murphy, Darin Siley, Ron Strobl ande Dave Zuro.

City employees appointed were: Manager Tony Bales; City Engineer Thom Sheridan; and Director of Community Development Mark Richardson.

Council members William Wooldredge, Dan Williams, David Basil, and Mayor William A. Currin will also serve on the committee.

Council is also seeking applicants for appointments to various city boards and commissions.

Basil said that currently there are openings on the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals, the Cemetery Board, Hudson Cable Television Advisory Committee, and the Planning Commission.

Those interested have until Nov. 1 to submit their applications, which can be done online, or by obtaining a hard copy from the council clerk.