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Hudson residents voice concerns about 'unsightly' containers at American Fireworks Company

By M.A. Ferguson- Rich correspondent

HUDSON: A half dozen residents attended the city council meeting on Wednesday to object to large, metal containers on the property of the American Fireworks Company, located north of downtown, on state Route 91.

Resident Jim Fulton said that his property abuts the northern border of American Fireworks, and described the containers as "unsightly," and requested council's assistance in requiring landscaping or other remedial action to address the situation.

Community Development Director Mark Richardson was present at the meeting and commented that the city had visited the property, "found a violation" and indicated that the matter was proceeding through the legal process.

Council President Hal DeSaussure, who is an attorney, pointed out that the legal process in Hudson requires these matters to go through the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals.

In addition, DeSaussure said that any appeal of a decision of the board does not come before council, but is taken to the Summit County Court of Common Pleas.

The next Board of Zoning and Building Appeals is scheduled for 7:30 tonight.  The group meets on the third Thursday of every month.