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Hudson school board creates new maintenance position at Monday's meeting

By M.A. Ferguson-Rich correspondent

HUDSON: After discussion and numerous questions directed at Business Manager Derek Cluse, the Board of Education created a new position in maintenance at its meeting on Monday.

A Coordinator for Facility Scheduling and Systems will be hired for the coming school year.

The job will involve coordinating the scheduling of district and community events in school facilities, and will likely be second shift or split shift to permit the coordinator to be present in the evenings.

It will include hands-on maintenance work, according to Cluse, but will also require skills in managing computer systems that monitor the need for preventative maintenance.

Ability to interpret data, and interpersonal skills in communicating with district personnel and the community is also required.

Superintendent Steven Farnsworth said that in the cutbacks of the last few years, maintenance was one of several areas where perhaps the district had gone further than absolutely necessary.  The creation of the new position is an attempt to improve services in that area.

The position will be posted shortly, and will have an annual salary in the range of $36,000 per year for an applicant with no experience, to slightly over $50,000 per year for a candidate with 30 years or more experience. 

Cluse said the role of maintenance personnel has evolved over the years and the "soft skills" of managing systems by computer and interpersonal skills, is as important as hands-on tasks.

Minimum educational qualification for applicants is a high school diploma.