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Malson Athletic Center on track for next phase, district prepares for fundraising efforts

By M.A. Ferguson-Rich correspondent

HUDSON: Phase Two of the Malson Athletic Center at Hudson High School is on track, Business Manager Derek Cluse said Monday night during the Board of Education at its meeting.

The current objective is to raise $556,000 by Dec. 31.  The district has raised a total $944,000 to date, which includes $469,000 from the Malson family, $375,000 from the district, and an anonymous donation of $100,000.

Dick Malson will make an additional $500,000 matching donation when the $556,000 goal is met.

The focus of the fundraising effort is on large donors, both corporate and private, although Cluse said all donations are welcome.

Superintendent Phil Herman said there are still many naming opportunities available for rooms in the facility, which include the training room, the varsity locker rooms, the Hall of Fame, and a community event room. 

According to the marketing brochure, donor recognition levels begin at $1,000 and run up to $150,000 to name the community room, which will overlook the stadium from the second story.

The facility will be used for both male and female teams of a variety of sports, at the junior varsity and varsity levels.

Sixteen members have been chosen for the project team and include Cluse, Malson, Herman, Treasurer Kathryn Sines, board member Patti Engelman and a number of interested community members and supporters of Hudson Explorer athletics.

The fundraising marketing plan should be finalized by Saturday, implemented publicly on Sept. 6.

If the funds are raised as planned, groundbreaking is scheduled tentatively for April 2014, with the grand opening on September 1, 2014.