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New student information system underway for Hudson city schools

By M.A. Ferguson-Rich correspondent

The new student information system in Hudson was operational on the first day of school, Superintendent Phil Herman said.
Herman and Assistant Superintendent Doreen Osmun gave a report to the Board of Eductation on Monday regarding the progress of implementation of the software created by the SunGard Company.
Herman stated that full implementation of the system will take from 18-24 months, but the administration is pleased with the progress up to this point.
Osmun said, "all student data has been fully converted."  They are still working to correct some of the data that didn't convert quite as smoothly as desired.
She added that refining the system does not affect day-to-day operations or the use of student information, but the format of some information needs to be improved in order to provide required reporting to the state.
One area that Osmun hopes will be online by late next week is the ability to pay student fees.  She says that the lunch payment interface is functioning well, but student fees are a more complicated aspect and required more time to implement.
The new system will eventually allow parents to enter annually required student information directly online, instead of through the many paper forms currently being sent home.  This system will available for Kindergarten students for the 2014-15 year.
With regard to student IEP plans, Osmun said only new plans are being entered into the system. Teachers have not been required to re-enter existing plans from the old system, so the schools are in a transitional stage between the two systems.
Payroll and human resource information is also in progress.  The date for full implementation is set for January 8, 2014, when paychecks will be issued under the new system.
Osmun said that "the best is yet to come," when Performance Plus is brought online.  This system will provide one easily accessible place for four or five sources of assessment information for each student. 
Superintendent Herman said, "we know we have a long way to go," and said both he and Osmun plan on keeping the board advised with quarterly reports. 
Several board members expressed concerns as to the security of the system, and Osmun assured them that there were several levels of security, both at the district and server level.
Individuals have access limited to only what they specifically need, she says.
There is also a multi-level backup system to prevent the loss of data.